Digital Days 2014


The idea behind Digital Days is to pool a variety of events together under the marketing platform Digital Days and create a focus on online business and its related areas.

Digital Days will be held in Karlstad December 3 - 4 2013, Stockholm May 19 - 20 2014 and Malmoe June 3 - 4. All companies and organisations are welcome to do seminars and workshops under the Digital Days umrbrella.  We will market your event and adminstrate registrations. Together we are marketing Digital Days and make it a sucess. We have a Main Hub in each city where all the events are performed.

Attendees will choose between a large variety of events and topics and share knowledge and strategies. There are also many opportunities to network and grow your personal network.

News for Digital Days Stockholm 2014

Targets for 2014 - Over 30 events in The Main Hub
Summit Grev Ture will be the Main Hub for Digital Days. All events during Digital Days will be held at the Main Hub. We will also have a DDS bar and mingle area at the Hub.

New site
You are currently visiting the new Digital Days site with even better functionality and a calendar function, so it is easy for delegates to plan your day.

Common Time schedule
We will recommend that you plan your event in four different time slots per day. Two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Your event can cover one slot up to all four slots (full day event). Of course you are welcome to plan the start and end time for your event as you like.

Where and when?
May 19 - 20 | 2014 | Summit Grev Ture, Stockholm

Target group
Everyone who works in online business is welcome to attend the events. Registration and payment is handled by each individual event organizer.

Do you want to plan and promote your event through Digital Days?
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